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About LVS Inc.

Our mission is to make the secondary market the first choice for consumers who want to buy or rent a timeshare.
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About Us

Luxury Vacation Solution is a timeshare rental company dedicated to offering innovative solutions to vacation owners through its experience in the timeshare industry.

With an extensive list of resorts and properties with positive results and a reliable team of experts who have diverse knowledge and understanding gained with years of experience in providing innovative solutions to the timesharing industry, LVS offer an unmatched marketing and technical know-how that assures positive results for both our timeshare owners and vacation goers.


Our Mission

To offer world-class resorts and luxury vacation experiences that will make us one of the world’s most admired companies in the vacation ownership industry.



Our genuine commitment to service excellence and to creating memorable experiences is the signature of our brand here at Luxury Vacation Solutions, Inc.


We strive to understand the diverse needs and expectations of all our clients; especially those in distress. We truly care about what we do, and our interactions with our customers.


We promise to always deal fairly, ethically, and professionally no matter the difficulty of the challenge or the nature of the opportunity set forth.


We believe in doing the right thing as we build trust and long-term relationships based on honesty and partnership with those we serve.


We communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully. We are focused on honesty, transparency, and integrity at all times and see ourselves as a solution provider for timeshare owners in distress.


We strive to be innovate and grow everyday. Innovation is what differentiates us and has helped us look at the long-term perspective of the vacation ownership industry.

Experienced Team

Our team which is headed by experts with over 60 years of experience in the industry provides an unmatched level of expertise and know-how that is needed to achieve optimum results for both timeshare owners and people looking to enjoy a luxury vacation experience.

Wide Range of Locations

Geared towards providing a tailored service, LVS Inc offers a diverse range in location for its listings. These options help to make sure vacation goers are not limited in choices while ensuring they enjoy the best quality yet.

Maximum Convenience

Equipped with an innovative search system for easy identification of preferred property and an experienced team for effective assistance, LVS Inc offers maximum convenience for both vacation goers and timeshare owners. No one does it better!

Fantastic Customer Service

To ensure professionalism and ease of use, LVS Inc has set up a professional customer service team that will attend to all your needs, inquiries and suggestions. So, you can contact us at any time, and an experienced professional will respond with optimum courtesy.

Our Team

Our team is headed by some of the most experienced experts in the timeshare industry.


Christopher Levins


Christopher pursued a degree in Finance from the University of Florida and has a graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from the International School of Business Management. After his time at U.F. he became an expert in lending risk management in the real estate and automobile industry. Now, Chris boasts almost a decade in the Timeshare/Travel Industry and is dedicated to using this experience to provide his customers with innovative solutions that will enhance their experience with the company.


Keith Carter

Senior Client Success Specialist

Keith has a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in Business Management. He spent 8 years in the US Army, Criminal Investigations Division. After serving his country, he went into the timeshare industry to pursue a different dream and has since spent 20 years in the industry. With such vast experience, he brings a level of understanding to the team that allows him to provide our customers with a broad range of options regarding their vacation ownership.


Caleb Dyer

Vice President of Client Success

Caleb attended the University of Georgia where he obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Marketing. He entered into the real estate industry, specializing in large commercial transactions before finding the timeshare industry. He served in the industry for almost 15 years, working for some of the largest timeshare companies before changing tracks and coming to work for Luxury Vacation Solutions. He brings a breath of experience and knowledge and loves assisting his clients each day in finding a solution to their needs.

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